Thursday, November 24, 2016

Things to be thankful for in 2016

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, and it's traditional to think about what you are thankful for.  Here are some things that are coming to mind for me...


  • Joe Posnanski - the best sports writer in the world.  KC Royals fans love him maybe more than anyone else, but trust me, if you like sports at all, you'll love his stuff.
  • Yael Abouhalka - a local writer who speaks truth to power.
  • Tim Urban - author of the Wait But Why blog, source of many deep dive posts on many fascinating topics.
  • Orson Scott Card - a novelist whose sci-fi books dig deep into many topics.  I've loved introducing both of my daughters to his work, specifically the Enderverse.
  • Randall Munroe - author of the xkcd web comic, the "What If?" series, and the "Thing Explainer" book.  Such simple drawings, such great subject matter.
  • Ellis Morning - an indie author who is great about bringing together unlikely subjects for an entertaining story.  She's also very open about her writing process and (at least for now) responds personally if you write to her.




  • Ruth Harder - pastor of Rainbow Mennonite Church, she always has something timely and challenging to say.  She is the right person to lead our church in our mission to advocate for greater acceptance of and outreach to marginalized people, which looks to be ever more important in these times.  Also, her husband Jesse Graber is one amazing artist and musician.
  • My teammates at work - I'm truly blessed to work with such a talented, friendly and diverse group.  If they're reading, you guys, you mean so much to me.  Thanks for making our team so great and making me a part of it.
  • The many sides of my family - we're pretty spread out over the country, and we don't see eye to eye on everything, but we do a pretty good job of remembering that we are family and we love each other no matter what.
  • My lovely wife - you're the best match for me and you do such a great job of keeping this production together.  I love you!
  • My kids - you two keep me laughing and always make me proud.  I love you!
  • Barack Obama - really gonna miss this guy.


  1. Oh, how kind! Thank YOU, Kendric! Best wishes to you and your family! :)

  2. I am always humbled and fascinated by your excellent writing and many interests. Keep writing, thinking, feeling and being the best human ever. And yes to your wife, your girls, Barack and Bruno Mars.